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Shakeology: What is it and how does it help with Focus T25 Workout?


Ok so we are still waiting for the official release date of the Focus T25 Workout DVD set but what about some of the other Beachbody products and how can we integrate them with our Shaun T craziness when we workout?

Well Beachbody do an excellent meal replacement program called Shakeology, where you replace a single meal everyday with one of their nutritious shakes. This video we present to you here explains in good detail exactly what this product is and how to use it. You can mix the powder with various different additional ingredients that will not only change the flavour but also add other dietary additions that your body needs. Having said that Shakeology itself is a complete diet supplement that doesn’t need anything added to it for it to be effective.

Yes it is a bit on the expensive side though. If you really need to you can find alternatives out there for meal replacement but literally nothing beats the makeup of this mix.  Protein powder is great, but does not even come close to the ingredients in Shako.

Watch this video and decide for yourself if this is something you want to help with your body transformation. Let us know how you get on or with any other replacement suggestions you may have for Shakeology from Beachbody. Use the comments below and share with everyone else.

Hi! I’m Caterina & I’m going to give an explanation of the awesome product, SHAKEOLOGY, and also show you how to make my fav recipe!

Shakeology is a beachbody nutritional product.

Beachbody includes some AMAZING trainers:
Chalene Johnson – the creator of Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, Chalean Extreme and Turbo Kick.

Tony Horton, Shaun T., Leandro Carvalho (fitness trainer to the Victoria Secret models), Debbie Siebers, Brett Hoebel, Donna Richardson Joyner

Other inspiring trainers:
Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Jackie Warner

25 Responses to “Shakeology: What is it and how does it help with Focus T25 Workout?”

  1. Shana Bieber says:

    how much did you pay for it ?

  2. Caterina Passarelli says:

    I think this recipe (in my opinion) tastes like a reese cup!

  3. Caterina Passarelli says:

    I need help with just about anything that has to do with the kitchen! lol

  4. alexisgareth says:

    seem u have a problem closing that thing :)

  5. silviamaria1000 says:

    So this Shakeology is chocolate flavor, when you add PB , banana and almond does it change the flavor to PB, banana or what?

  6. Caterina Passarelli says:

    Hey! I’ve been drinking Shakeology for 2+ years now & can’t say enough good things. I originally lost 15 lbs doing the Turbo Jam videos and then started drinking Shakeology after that. It’s helped me keep my stomach flat, my nails are SO long & the same for my hair. :)

  7. sahra mohamed says:

    Does it really work and how much weight have you lost since starting shakeology and where can you buy it please and thank you.

  8. Caterina Passarelli says:

    thank you so much! :)

  9. MinNShawn S says:


  10. Caterina Passarelli says:

    hey! I sent you a message to help you out. =)

  11. MinNShawn S says:

    Hi! I have been doing the 10 min trainer for a long time now, and im trying to eat even better and maybe try some supplements, but this shakeology is something im thinking about buying. Im looking to lose more fat, but also gain some muscle. Would this be a good choice? When is a good time to drink this? I really appreciate your help! :) Thanks!!!

  12. Caterina Passarelli says:

    hi! it comes with 30 servings (each is 1 meal). If you want it to last longer you could use it as snacks or you could even do the 3 day cleanse with it (but that’s 3 meals a day). Up to you! I use it was 1 meal a day. :)

  13. mr3shootr says:

    So is the shakeology pouch, is it for 30 days of using it for only one meal replacement, or is it 30 days for 3 meals a day?

  14. Caterina Passarelli says:

    I felt the same way! I did not want to be a meal-drinker. Now I love it! lol It’s not “full” like I just ate McDonalds, its full as in satisfied, doesn’t leave your stomach feeling heavy.

  15. Poncho151500 says:

    Yeah, but I’d rather eat something than drink a meal… Plus feeling full sucks.

  16. jenahailey2 says:

    Love this stuff it’s the feel amazing shake and worth every penny

  17. Asjobi says:

    heyyy..i know this chick, u r hot coachcaterina!!!

  18. Sara McLaughlin says:

    I love Shakeology. Taste great, simple to make. Mornings are crazy for me with a toddler running around. It has helped me pretty much drop the coffee habit and I use to drink 6 cups a day, my hair and nails look healthier. Over all it’s just a great product. *SaraSmiles* Worth every penny

  19. Caterina Passarelli says:

    Yes it is & it’s worth every penny. :) It equals out to be $4 a meal and there is no where you can find a meal for only $4 that provides all your daily vitamins, fruit, veggies, protein & minerals, it’s everything! The great things it has done for myself & my friends is priceless.

  20. Caterina Passarelli says:

    After what 3 days? The vacation or are you talking about the 3 day Cleanse?

  21. shawnta2002191 says:

    I’m going to order Shakeology on June 15, 2010 to try after my week long vacation. I am currently doing Weight Watchers. I was wondering will I gain all the weight back after I finish the three days and go back to my basic Weight Watcher plan? Also is there a way I can buy like one sample of both shakes?

  22. Foxyjuju says:


    Peanut BUtter is healthyin in MODERATION! (And try to get the All natural or organic kind)
    One of the biggest reasons why people become fat in this country is becuz of the little knowledge they have on PORTION CONTROL!

    Thanks for the awesome Vids! Do you have any before and after type vids for the CLX Programm?

  23. lionfiretx says:

    If you pour the liquid in the blender first and then the shakeology it won’t get chunky. I made the mistake of putting the shakeology in first and then the almond milk. yeah chunk city.

  24. Denisezakiya83 says:

    Excellent review! Thanks for posting!

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